Mediserve nursing Agency supports HeartKids of South Australia.

HKSA is a state based charitable organisation which supports the children and families in South Australia who are affected by Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and heart defects. Every week in South Australia three families are told their child has a heart defect. Around 50 per cent of children diagnosed with heart disease require surgery to correct the defect, meaning families must travel to Melbourne with their critically-ill child for life giving surgery. CHD is the greatest cause of infant death under the age of one in Australia.

We provide support to more than 400 families each year and help them through what is often the most difficult time in their lives. These families benefit from many services including support from our family support coordinators, hospital visits, travel assistance, support information and referrals, coffee mornings, playgroups, teen camps and many more services that let these families know they have a constant support network. HeartKids is the only charity solely focused on all aspects of CHD.

Critically, we are also committed to raising awareness and funding for research into causes of CHD and heart defects and much needed cures.