Why choose to work in Australia?

There are so many great reasons to work in Australia. You'll get to experience a great lifestyle, travel around the country and nearby areas with ease, and soak in all the beautiful weather and friendly people. You'll have many opportunities to expand your social circle, because Australians love to socialise. Due to Australia’s high standard of living, good salaries and working conditions, nurses are able to enjoy a great lifestyle.

With flexible work hours, and Mediserve assisting with courses and ongoing training, your trip to Australia offers a unique learning experience which you will treasure for a lifetime and be the envy of your family and friends back home. Working as a nurse in Australia can be incredibly fulfilling, especially in rural areas where a warm personality and smile will be greatly appreciated.

Nurses in Australia enjoy a lower staff to patient ratio than many other countries and work in a supportive environment. There are also various opportunities for professional development and advancement. Australia has a plentiful supply of nursing positions on offer and at Mediserve, we're proud to give qualified nurses the chance of a lifetime!

Why choose Mediserve as your placement agent

Mediserve has been sponsoring and employing overseas nurses for many years. We are very experienced and provide a professional, friendly service. Mediserve is one of the “Preferred Providers” of nurses to most of the state and territory health departments in Australia. What does this mean for you? You have access to the widest range of jobs both in city and country areas. We assist with all your needs on arrival in Australia, pay for travel to and from country placements, and ensure you are well paid and offered educational and professional support. We provide various additional incentives to make your time in Australia a truly memorable experience.

Additional Information for Overseas Nurses

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