5 Benefits of Working as a Nurse with Mediserve Nursing Agency

5 Benefits of Working as a Nurse with Mediserve Nursing Agency

Making sure you choose the best nursing agency can have a big impact on your professional career and job satisfaction as a nurse. You want a great selection of jobs to choose from, you want to get the pay you deserve for your skills set and experience, and you want flexibility.

All of that is important, but there's actually more to choosing the right nursing agency for you. You need an agency that understands you and cares about you. Also, some member perks would be great too!

Here's five reasons you'll be glad you chose to partner with Mediserve Nursing Agency in your career as a nurse.

Thousands of jobs Australia wide

Mediserve provides job opportunities for nurses in a wide range of positions. We have been working with healthcare facilities for over 20 years and have been chosen as one of the top providers by many health departments and private hospitals throughout Australia.

We have eight offices in different states, which means you can work with us anywhere in Australia and still receive the same excellent service. So, if you're interested in pursuing a career in nursing, we offer many options and opportunities for you to explore.

If you're a nurse who lives overseas and you want to work in this beautiful country, Mediserve can sponsor your application. We'll even pay for the cost of the nomination. Find out more about moving from overseas to work as a nurse in Australia by reading this blog post.

Competitive high rates

You're a medical professional, you deserve to be paid well for your skills set and experience. Mediserve understand and offer high rates competitive with other agencies.

It's hard to talk specifics here, since pay rates depend on skills, experience and your specialty, but generally Australian nurses earn an average of around $80,000 per year (a little lower for new graduates, and much higher for experienced and specialised nurses).

By way of comparison for those from the UK, that would equal an annual pay of around £45,000 (as of the exchange rate in March 2023). UK nurses earn around £33,000 per year.

Mediserve Nursing Agency - placing nurses for 23+ years

Mediserve has worked with nurses to help them achieve their career goals for over 23 years. During this time, we have gained vast experience in the healthcare industry. This means we can offer the highest level of support to nurses because we understand nurses so well.

We're not the best nursing agency in Australia just because we have been doing this a long time. Our team is composed of medical professionals with nursing and medical backgrounds, which gives us a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. We understand what it is like to be a nurse - the joys and challenges. This understanding of nurses comes right from the top - both our company directors have nursing and medical backgrounds. They've worked in both rural/regional and metropolitan settings, so they appreciate the unique challenges that different healthcare settings present.

Corporate Member Perks and Discounts

Why not sweeten the deal with some member perks? Being part of the Mediserve team also enables you to access these benefits:

  • Mobile phone plan discounts
  • Financial planning services discounts
  • Gym discounts - get up to 15% off your gym membership
  • Banking services discounts - including cashback on home loan transfers, waivers on savings account fees, and more
  • Discounted private health insurance
  • Discounted electrical goods

For the full list of benefits from our corporate partners see our member perks here.

Mediserve Nursing Agency always puts you first

We always provide the highest quality of service—our nurses always come first. If our nurses aren't happy, we aren't happy. That's why we do our best to be flexible and accomodating while still offering great pay rates. We offer a number of other incentives too, just to say thank you. They include free uniforms, referral fees when you introduce another nurse to Mediserve, weekly pay right into your bank account (no need to wait for weeks), and we even organise social functions!

Register for jobs with Mediserve

We have over 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry and have established relationships with many different hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country. We offer nurses a wide range of job opportunities, and we pay them well for their skills and experience. Not only that, we offer other benefits like discounts and social events to show our appreciation for our nurses.

We love helping nurses find the perfect job. You can register with us to receive updates about new job openings, and we'll help you find a job that you'll enjoy.

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