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Mission Australia Initiative

Mission Australia's integrated services work together to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia, by helping people secure jobs, receive an education, find housing and develop important life skills.  Early intervention and prevention is at the heart of our work.

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Operation Rainbow Initiative

Operation Rainbow Leads 10-12 humanitarian medical missions each year which provide much-needed orthopedic intervention for children and young adults suffering from congenital abnormalities or untreated chronic injury. They also train doctors, nurses, and other staff at host hospitals, enhancing their capacity for early diagnosis, treatment, and orthopedic surgical intervention of congenital abnormalities among the vulnerable populations they serve.

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Médecins Sans Frontières Initiative

Médecins Sans Frontières exists to save lives by providing medical aid where it is needed most – in armed conflicts, epidemics, famines and natural disasters. All these situations call for a rapid response with specialised medical and logistical help. But, they also run longer-term projects, tackling health crises and supporting people where the need is greatest. They currently have projects running in almost 70 countries.