Thank you so much for your kind donation.

We are so delighted that Mediserve shares our vision of a brighter future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Your generous gift allows ICV to continue supporting Indigenous communities by delivering hands-on help through skilled volunteers. ICV works by invitation only, and in partnership with communities. This approach is unique and it works, because when communities own and drive their development they are much more likely to succeed.

Communities like remote Aputula, NT {located south of Alice Springs) who approached us with a bold vision to promote healthier lifestyles in the area. Aputula took on the management of a local building and started the 'Aputula Aboriginal Achievers Club' to run a range of health-focused membership programs, including education, health promotion, art classes and a sports clubICV volunteer Wendy travelled to Aputula to assist in developing rules and regulations for the use of the building, along with structures for the programs. During her visit Wendy received plenty of support and input from the enthusiastic community and made some friends for life.

There are many more communities just like Aputula who are ready to take control of their future. With your help, we can make their dreams a reality.

Thank you once again for your donation.