Supporting survivors of domestic violence

Supporting survivors of domestic violence

1 in 6 women have experienced violence from an intimate partner since the age of 15.

About 2 in 3 women move away from home when their relationship with a relationship with their violent former partner ends. That's why domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and their children in Australia.

Mediserve wants to help. We want to give back and help to make things better for women and children who have survived domestic violence.

That's why we've partnered with Operation Sunshine. Operation Sunshine helps women and children displaced by family and domestic violence and/or under the care of child protection services in Western Australia.

A fantastic initiative of Operation Sunshine is Sunshine Packs and Courage Kits - emergency supplies for kids and women escaping domestic violence.

Sunshine Pack for kids

Sunshine Packs give children essential and comfort items as they transition into a new living environment.

Courage kits for women

Courage Kits contain essential items for women at their most vulnerable.

Women and children receive items such as a toothbrush, soap, underwear, socks, pyjamas, reading books and more.

That's why we've donated thousands of dollars to this worthy initiative. We're not just about donating money though - we get involved. Our Director Miles and his family recently helped pack Sunshine Packs and Courage Kits.

Our Director Miles loves to help out with his family

Mediserve are passionate about helping charities like Operation Sunshine, because we believe in giving back to the community. You can learn more about Operation Sunshine by visiting their website.

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