Dear Friends,

Your decision to reach out and offer support through our Christmas Appeal will mean that we can be there for many other families like Amy's. Together we can give HOPE where it's needed most.

Your Christmas cheer can help put food in empty kitchen cupboards and organise presents for children. Christmas comfort can be provided through care and counselling. And a Christmas cook-up will mean our volunteers can serve hearty meals to people who would otherwise be hungry and alone.

In celebration of your first gift, we'd like to share the enclosed information and keep you updated throughout the year. We hope that you find it interesting and it reaffirms your generous decision to join us as we reach out to those who are struggling, to help them hold onto hope and offer new beginnings.


God bless you for caring,

Warren Palmer

Divisional Public Relations Secretary Western Australia
PS. For more about the community services that you are helping to support, please visit